Sep 20, 2010


Wow, amazing response, thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the nice comments and all the RTs on twitter as well. The winners, via random number generator are as follows:

1. Chris Colella!
2. Hannah Lee Stockdale!
3. Guy!
4. Mark Grambau!
5. David Huyck!
6. Katie Rose!
7. Pedro Paulo!

If your name is on that list, send me an email with your address and I'll get your print out as soon as possible! If you have a preference for what you get, let me know, but no guarantees, sorry. If you don't send me your info by Friday I'll choose another winner instead, so be quick about it. I'm going to try to send all of this stuff out next week.

A clarification: I WILL be making these prints, among others, available for sale sometime in the future, so if you didn't win one, you can still buy one from me. Just not until I can afford a large-format printer. I will even make it a contest. You can send me money and I will do use a random number generator (min: 1 max: 1) and then you will also be a winner.

Thanks again for the great turnout, and I hope some of you stick around for the next 200 posts.



  2. oh well, but I'll still be stickin' around for your awesome posts!

  3. i hope you compiled the list of names and used a random number generator and didn't just go off of the post number. otherwise that drawing would be unfair to ppl who posted more than once

  4. also come on man! this guy? known him since 6th grade math. fricken, taught me how to do a unity w/ my SOAPs!