Jun 1, 2010

Salon Prive

This was a small drawing I did for Gulf Life magazine about the increasingly private world of luxury car shows. The specific show in question is the Salon Prive, which I believe is held in London. No monsters or anything.

This is about double the size that it's printed at, so when I say it's a small drawing, you know what I'm talking about. Final was 91x70mm (~3.5x2.7").

AD Daniel Di Paolo.


  1. What fools to print it so small!! Your cars look great. Along with the statues.

  2. awesome colors. its cool to see a change in scale in your work too.

  3. The amount of detail you fit into that tiny space is incredible.

  4. I like the simple way you treated the cars, also for a small illo theres so much great stuff to look at.