Sep 24, 2009

Ultra Humanite

Oof, bad drawing day!

Fun fact: Ultra Humanite is my second favorite super-intelligent gorilla in the DC universe.


  1. very cool - are these all crowded onto sketchbook pages or drawn individually? just curious.

  2. I've been doing them in a watercolor moleskine I bought awhile back, and for the most part they're on separate pages, but I spend like 2 hours drawing a couple of different versions of this dude, then decided that was really stupid, so I drew this one in a corner of a used page in about 5 minutes or so.

  3. Would the first happen to be Gorilla Grodd or Monsieur Mallah? On a less comic book guy note, I really love these takes on classic DC villains. Can't wait to see Solomon Grundy!