Sep 28, 2009

Maurice in Love, Oni

A while back I was asked by comic artist Patricio Oliver to contribute a piece to his upcoming book, Maurice in Love, a funny series of one-panel stories. His idea was for a group of artists to reinterpret a selection of those panels however they wished and to display them in the book as sort of a pin-up gallery. I chose to do this one, shown here as a mock-up:

And the piece I did for it:

Being in a relationship with a hive of bees is probably difficult. It's a shame I couldn't incorporate the gameboys into this, but oh, so it goes.

It turns out that some other wonderful artists and friends of mine (Kali, Daniel, Jordie, and Annie) also contributed to the book, which was a nice surprise. Be sure to check it out if you get the chance.

No theme for the sketches this week. Thinking is way too hard right now. So instead, coasting on what I do best, here is a big doofy monster.

I think I'll be able to post another new piece sometime this week. Keep your heads up.


  1. Gosh, Sam. Conceptually, you have my mind spinning on that Maurice business. It came out so wonderful.

    Great sketch, too. But I'm biased, since I'm totally into one eyed, hairy, big, witch-doctor-sorta dudes.

  2. ughhhhhhhh that piece is soooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  3. such an awesome piece, everytime you post a new illo your line gets better and better, keep it up man.

  4. Great JOB SAM!!!! the book will be ready this thursday!!!! cant wait to see it!

  5. i really love that bee piece. keep up the good work, man!