Feb 17, 2009

Jack and the Beanstalk

Something new from The Illustrated Book with Allan Comport, the same class that gave us that huge Lovecraft project last semester. Storyboards are up next. This ought to be a little more light hearted and a lot more colorful.

The people.

The non-people.

There are tons of versions of this story, and I'm really just picking and choosing things that I like from each one and altering them to my own purposes. I'm going to be rewriting the whole thing start to finish (it isn't that long, obviously) and maybe pitching it around after school's ended.

These were the first round of character designs for the project. Some are more finished than others.

Coming up empty for the Society of Illustrators show was a bummer. Hope it's not the case with 3x3/American Illustration/Spectrum. Congrats to Kali, Aimee, Jess, Marika, Annie, and Annika, as well as everybody else who got in.

Furthermore, like everyone, I am now on twitter.



  1. looking pretty cool, my dude. I especially like the butcher.

  2. you and me both bro... don't sweat it!

  3. Thanks Sam, I appreciate it, I was honestly disappointed not to see your work in the society show but I'm still very confident that you'll conquer the world! I'm looking forward to seeing more Jack & the Beanstalk... great characters as usual, I love the pig-headed giant.

  4. strong designs my friend. i could easily imagine these in a video game or an animation

  5. Great characters my friend! Nice work.

  6. Thanks, Sam Bosma. Like Annika said above, you'll conquer the world soon enough.

    Looking forward to seeing more Ill Book work!

  7. woo sweet concepts,
    also follow me

  8. non people? you mean... sheeple?