Feb 13, 2012

52/52 - Ogre

You know he's a bad dude because of the spikes and skulls and stuff.

Because of a few APs, this series will continue through the week before it's done forever.


  1. Your drawings are an immense inspiration for me. I love how you manage to create that somewhat bulky look and use the watercolour (or is it indian ink?) to create the values within the character.

    Brilliant, truly brilliant!

  2. I like the small ear-spikes, I gives him a «touch», like the type of guys that walk around with diamonds in their ears.
    My guess is that the Troll is up next, I love trolls.

    It´s been great following you,
    keepi tup!

  3. The way you use grey is so rich that it's almost colorful

  4. Good job APs! Looking forward to one more week of eye candy.