Jan 9, 2012

Network World Outlook 2012

Last month I worked on a series of small drawings for Network World Magazine's Outlook on 2012 issue, which outlines some upcoming trends or movements in networking over the coming year. They go with a themed issue every year and (lucky for me) this year's was nautical. This top one is on looming hazards to your security.

What will you do with virtualization this year?

Are you ready for the flat network?

How will your company deal with consumerization?

I don't understand, either.


  1. I like them all
    I love the sea and your colors tone x-D

  2. These are all beautiful. Love the detail of the periscope popping up in the second piece.

  3. Wow, stellar work! Your color choices are always streets ahead.

  4. brilliant - brilliant - brilliant - brilliant

  5. My company will deal with these threats by managerially restructuring the consumption of unsecured flat networks with a vertical virtuality that optimises the productivity of the fandango'd mainsail, me hearty. ARR.

    These illustrations are fantastic. That ship with pixel sails is going straight to the top of this year's christmas wish list.

  6. these are really really great, love your work. I'm really curious about your process, how much is hand drawn and how much is digital?

  7. love the top one! these are great