Dec 2, 2011

Complete Works

This is a small drawing running in today's Wall Street Journal. It accompanies an article about how aging musicians can feel constrained by a boxed set and all the finality that that implies. The article is about a specific anecdote from Elvis Costello, but this guy is just a stand in for older rockers in general.

Pretty quick turnaround -- about a day and a half from phone call to due date, but I still managed to get something I'm pretty happy with.

You can read the article on the WSJ's website here.

Big thanks to AD David Bamundo.


  1. geez thats a quick turn around. I'd probably have an aneurism trying to get it done.

    And it doesn't look rushed, so whatever your doing. Keep doing it

  2. Nicely done! Those quick turnarounds keeps us on our toes don't they.