Sep 26, 2011

Advice to Young Associates

This is a piece I recently completed for the fall issue of Litigation magazine. It ran alongside the feature story on advice for young associates with dreams of becoming trial lawyers. Pretty much everything I know about law practices is culled from Phoenix Wright and Boston Legal, which I don't think are entirely accurate representations of the industry. A lot of the advice was applicable to most professions (distinguish yourself, gain specialized knowledge, etc), which made it easier for me to relate.

I did a couple spots for the article as well. The one below is about sampling.

AD Jill Tedhams

This is the debut issue of Litigation Magazine's redesign. My good buddy Luke Williams is a graphic design supertalent and worked on their rebranding. He was also good enough to use pieces from my portfolio as placeholders in his designs, which led directly to this job. Lesson: make friends.

On another note, I am on tumblr, tumbln the dumb drawings that don't even warrant a blog post over here.


  1. That picture reminds me of graduate school, except the women are orders of magnitude uglier.

  2. Aw, post the weird drawings here, I am too lazy to follow two blogs. :(

  3. lovely illustrations, my favourite is the lower one with the sampling man. for some reason i really love the hand holding the candy. i guess its just the wave shape of it. :)