May 10, 2011

Facing a Daunting Challenge

I did this piece a couple weeks ago for SooJin Buzelli at Planadviser. It's about facing a daunting challenge, and is also about retirement income. I guess I've been thinking about weird birds a lot lately.

Sketches -


It's been nice to hear reports trickling in about people picking up The Anthology Project v.2 at TCAF or Stumptown. So far the response have been pretty great.


  1. WOW. Is this gorgeous piece digital or hand painted? The colors look amazing! Also, I love a lot of th compositions in the sketches :D

  2. Great coloring!

    I would have loved to see the cactus and the amazon women one done as well! But the bird is awesome

  3. All of the sketches do look marvelous! It must have been difficult to choose an idea to complete. Excellent work, as usual!

  4. awesomeness! wow! and the sketches are great! you convey so much meaning in so few marks. way to go!

  5. Birds rock and so does this piece. Great work as usual.

  6. Nice colors! I really like the smooth textures in the bird.

  7. I don't know if I've commented before. But your art blows my mind. This piece is gorgeously conceived.
    Also: I loved TAP vol 1, but wasn't sure if I wanted to pre-order vol 2 until I saw Turtle Soup. I can't wait.
    Sorry to completely fanboy out on you.