Dec 19, 2008

The Shadow Over Innsmouth - Part five of eight

Ah! Ah ha! Ah ha ha ha!

Yes, I am done. I am done done done. Except for a presentation tomorrow, I am done. My comic is done, my finals are done, and Innsmouth is done. It went well. I will be posting the remains of this gutted fish as I see fit. I still have to scan a few, but yes. Yes yes yes.

So here are two images from wildly divergent points in the story. The first is near the climax, the second is a tale told by Zadok Allen, drunken old man.

This first one was intended to be shown rotated 180 degrees and flipped horizontal...but I think it works better like this. I'm not sure. This is when our narrator is in full realization that yes, this whole town is populated by disgusting fish men. He then determines (near empirically) that they are murderous fish men. He then decides to leave through a nearby window.

This second one I like more.
This is when Zadok Allen is explaining to our heroic (and soon to be defenestrated) hero that the early people of Innsmouth's surrounding islands made sacrifices to the Deep Ones in exchange for treasures, both gold and fishy. Also, the fish men later decided that they wanted to intermarry with the island people, which seems like they're just spitting in their faces.

This one was really difficult, because my thumbnail didn't really have any indication of lighting. I just sort of had to make decisions on the fly, which was alright, but ended up being a little time consuming. I really liked making those fishy faces in the rocks. All rocks should have fishy faces on them. Except for some rocks, which are ok on their own.

I think I'm going to be submitting these to some upcoming things in the hopes that they get in and people see them. People would like to see them, right? Some things include Spectrum, Society of Illustrators student show, and 3x3. I don't think I will submit all of them, because there are fifteen (I cropped one off) and quality does indeed vary. I hope you still like the ones that aren't the best. It's nice to have a favorite. I will be posting this all over again in a big lump at the end, and I hope you can help me decide what I should submit to where. That would be nice of you, blog readers. I don't ask much of you.

I will be posting some color experiments that I decided to do after completing the cover (which is colored). I liked how that turned out, so I'm seeing how time consuming it is to add little bits of color to these. Maybe it will make them better? Who knows, who knows.

I love you, blog readers. I really do. I hope you do not hate me for posting lapses that are all too frequent. But honestly, I just wrote a ten page paper and composed a twenty minute presentation for my class tomorrow, so it's not like I've been sitting around doing nothing.


  1. Your work is very inspirational. After seeing your work I went out and got myself some charcoal but I know I will disappoint myself...

    I love seeing my favourite novels and stories imagined so fantasticaly. Keep them coming!

  2. defenestration has been my favourite word since Bill Waterson used it in a Calvin and Hobbes poem.

    Also, these are beautiful.

  3. ahhhh dude you've got so much nutty mignola/guy davis/geometric goodness going on in here. I am very envious of such a deliberate and simplified way of working. for realz yo. aint even front'n.

  4. actually, swap the word "simplified" with "stylized" and I think we're good!

  5. Hey man I agree with Mr. Mclean over here, your work is off the ch-Z-ain! as matter of fact I have that spiffy cover of yours as my background right now.

    happy holidays man!


  6. hope you're having a good holiday, it was great to see the originals- the window escape scene is one of my favorites and I agree it works well the way you have it rotated, you really achieved those goals to do with perspective and lighting in this one and while its crazy its also very believable, the blurred parts of the fishfrogpeople are working especially well.

  7. hope your holiday went well, UPDATE MORE NOW!