Nov 25, 2008

The Shadow Over Innsmouth: Part 4 of 8

Hey! Everybody! Awesome. You're all here. Great.

We're at the half way point of my Innsmouth journey, and although I can't quite see the finish line, I'm pretty sure it's coming up soon. My comic for Popgun 3 finished up last week, so maybe I'll post some production stuff from that in lieu of the final thing.

Anyway. Innsmouth! Wow, what a neat place.

There are fish-people everywhere. Here are some fish-people going to Sunday Mass at the Esoteric Order of Dagon, where they will take their fishy communion and pray to their fishy Gods. There's our charming narrator at the top, rather dismayed that he isn't in proper dress. Next time, friend. Next time.

And if you're a good little fishy acolyte, someday you'll be able to swim down and join your fishy Gods in their fishy slumber.

I'm not sure which Fishy God that is (I'm not allowed in the order, owing to my un-fishy nature), but it might be High Priest Cthulhu. I think Mother Hydra shows up in my next one, at least in carved idol form.

So I got this electric eraser, right? Man, I can't believe they have such things. It's awesome, though. It's like a really low torque power drill or screwdriver, but with an eraser at the end. It's great for getting little lines like that Fishy God's fishy feelers. Remember, these are just about 6x9", so those are some tiny lines.

Considering this is the half way point, I thought I might catch up one some of the images that I've retouched. Here are two of them.

In this one I really just sharpened up the background and drew in all of those houses, then I added some more contrast into the foreground to complement it. Much better, much better.

I really just pushed the value on this one a lot further, darkening up the figure and carving the shiny spots into the mirror with my electric eraser. Again, much better.

Hey, have you ever read The Weekly Dig? It's an alternative news magazine up in Boston (or down in Boston, depending on where you are). They're going to print my Monkey King on their cover soon. Totally awesome, right? Yeah man. They've had some cool people on their covers before, like James Jean and evil-Sam. Such great company. It's like being at a sweet party.

Anyway, I'm headed to Philadelphia for thanksgiving, but I'll be kicking out work all through. Maybe I'll post some pictures of Franksgiving, Thanksgiving's hot dog themed follow-up. Hey!


  1. I really like the touch-ups you made. I'm glad you're doing this largely subtractively, too. I haven't seen you work that way much before and it's a nice change of pace.

    See you tomorrow, my main man.

  2. Awesome work my friend! Much congrats on the electric eraser and the mag cover! Great stuff!!!

  3. This project is looking awesome. And congratulations on the cover!

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  5. 1. I love these, especially the lighting throughout. Your touch ups are definitely helping each time. I am not really familiar with this story and it's starting to drive me crazy with curiosity. Now I have to read it. You have these fine illies to thank for that.

    2. In the one where they are swimming downward to join their fishy gods: are those their shadows beneath them? It's a little confusing. Maybe going back into it later will clarify things.

    3. Last night I dreamed that we were looking at the beach scene illustration for this story, and you told me to erase it for you. I was afraid to mess it up so I only erased a tiny bit of a bottom corner, and as I erased it, a color version was revealed underneath. I like these in B&W though, so I don't know why I dreamed that. Dreams are just weird sometimes.

    4. Monkey King cover? I am not surprised. I love that piece :).

    Keep on keeping it real, Sam Bo. You are the best.

  6. Hi Sam,

    Looove the top two. That first one might be my favorite so far.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. congrats on the weekly dig!

    and u make me want an electric eraser

  8. Oh man, do I love me some fish-people. YOu are a man after my own heart. Love your Wendigo piece too, I bought a print of that one and gave it to a friend of mine who is all about Wendigos. BUt now I feel empty without my own wendigo print, is there someplace I can go to buy another one?