Oct 12, 2008


So, I mentioned I'd have a few posts to do to catch up with all of the backed-up images I've created over the last few weeks. This is the first.

I've been painting a bit here and there for a few reasons. My thesis started out as editorial style images based on stories from NPR, which I enjoy. It wasn't a bad start, but ended up being too dry for me. I sort of needed to give in to my personal weirdness. I've just got to make the weird really good.

Anyway, this first painting was for a short story by Etgar Keret, from the episode of This American Life called "The Truth Will Out." It was fun to work on, but painting just takes so so long, I'm glad I'm not doing it for the rest of my thesis.

This is around 10x12", acrylic on White Rives BFK.

Next two pieces are for a gallery show that went up yesterday (the 11th) and goes through until October 24th at The Echo here in Baltimore. There's a big party there for the closing on the 24th with some bands and stuff, so you should go if you're around. It's right across from the McDonalds on North Ave. The show is called "The Pain of Being Dead 2: Baltimonster." The last day should be a pretty good time.

This one is based on Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. An excellent play by one of history's greatest playwrights...who loooooved knife fights. Man got stabbed in the eye, folks. That's the kind of writer we need today

Anyway, Doctor Faustus is pretty cool. It's about devils and stuff.

This is 15x19", acrylic and mixed media on tan BFK.

So, I did that and then got another idea for the show, and since I was still recovering from my horrible illness, I went ahead and did another.

Here's a big monkey!

He's the same size and media as Faustus up there, but is way better. I'm hoping to sell both of these at the show because I love money.

Anyway, I don't think I'm going to bog you guys down with more text. I think I already did that with the last few posts.

I'll be putting a bunch of storyboard and production work up for my Lovecraft story pretty soon, and then a big update on my comic. Alright!


  1. so badass...painting does take forever...its a shame i have to do it so much more in my future thesis projects

  2. Sam Bosma, I adore you forever.
    Also, that monkey king is tops.

  3. Ohman, I have GOT to start really painting again.

  4. yea that monkey is super awesome

  5. This is so awesome. Love the blog. I'll visit often

  6. Man, you got the skills to pay the bills.

  7. "I'm hoping to sell both of these at the show because I love money."
    THAT was damn funny
    amazing art ! I love your blog-the witty nature of your commentary makes it even better
    takin' notes ;)
    adding you to my blog role-feel free to do the same-tradsies! how do you spell that? ... joevriens.blogspot.com