Dec 12, 2007

Things from Concepts

A few things from Illustration Concepts this year. The first two are designs for birthday party themed playing cards. Each suit would be a different birthday party (little girls, monsters, little boys, and... something else?) and the corresponding number would be how many people were at the party (and therefore how exciting the party was). They were fun.

The second thing is the end result of a terrible, terrible exchange with a UK Illustration class, illustrating the cover for their favorite book and art directing them in doing the same for ours. I will be redoing this for the show we have in January. Ugh, it's fugly. Pug fugly, even.

More fun things tomorrow. Probably some of my Character Development stuff, which is all ridiculous and absurd.

1 comment:

  1. i wanna be best friends with the yellow swampy sea-monster man. NOM! CAKE! he makes me happy in my heart.