Mar 31, 2007

And so it continues.

I guess theaters are dying because of the amount of different ways of watching movies, coupled with the rising costs of movie tickets and the generally declining quality of movies. And so, there was an illustration involved.

I'm not going to write so much, because I have lots of sketches that can hopefully do the talking for me. I didn't, however, scan the sketch of the central figure. Suffice it to say that he is consuming a massive amount of media while at the movies. iPod, laptop, cellphone, blackberry, etc.

This is the first set of people that I drew. I wasn't too keen on the descending heights from right to left, so I moved the left-most gentleman to the middle to break things up.

These folks were to go in the background of the main level that has the central figure in it. I moved the top level over to the left because there was originally a screen that would obscure them and I wanted to keep them in. The screen didn't stay, but their position did. The couple on the right I really like, but had to change them in the final revision that I did. I'm still angry I didn't get to draw that girl's legs the way they are in the final. I think they're good.

The first of the digitally colored comps. This was the original version with an Xbox controller and a plasma screen up at the top. Compositionally it didn't work out, so it was changed.

The second and final digital comp. The screen was taken out and replaced with the TV by the central figure's left leg, and the controller was replaced by a laptop. The guy he's mousin' was fattened up a little so the mousin' would be more noticeable.

The next revision required slight changes across the board. The idea was to make it so that nobody was watching the movie and everyone seemed kind of bored, owing to the declining quality of film. The main changes went to the girl on the lower left and the couple on the right, who were all replaced by new drawings.

They were loads of fun to draw, honestly. Once this was all on the board (4-ply Bristol), I started painting. The entire thing was done in gouache, including the line. I think it turned out well. As is customary with my work, apparently, it looks better in real life. I just can't get this scanning business working.

Final's all gouache, 11.25x7.75