Sep 18, 2012

Treasure Chest Interiors

Trail Rations:  SOLD

Wineskin: SOLD

Gold coins: SOLD

Potion of Clarity: SOLD

Crab Claw: SOLD

Copper Sword: SOLD

Canopic Jar: SOLD

Judgemental Skull: SOLD

Flamberge: SOLD

Iron Greatsword: SOLD

Dwarven Brand: SOLD

Necromancer's Robe: SOLD

Mage's Hat: SOLD

Bezoar: SOLD

Ham Hock: SOLD

Hornet Mace: SOLD

Swordbreaker: SOLD

Sea-Lord Helm: SOLD

Mysterious Orb: SOLD

Turtle Shield: SOLD

Terrible Candle: SOLD

Hand of Glory: SOLD

Golden Shovel: SOLD

Boots of the Wind God: SOLD

Summoner's Bell: SOLD

Strange Keys: SOLD

Archer's Cap: SOLD

Haunted Bone: SOLD

Desert Goggles: SOLD

Glowworms: SOLD

Fishing Hooks: SOLD

Gilded Leaves: SOLD

Dragoon's Sabatons: SOLD

Djinn: SOLD

Driftwood Staff: SOLD

Sage's Turban: SOLD

Orcish Scimitar: SOLD

Stone Knife: SOLD

Waystones: SOLD

Cloak of the Vampire King: SOLD

Demon Horn: SOLD

Acorn Hammer: SOLD

Abyssal Bell: SOLD

Ice Brand: SOLD

Beating Heart: SOLD

Goblin Shield: SOLD

Dwarven Bow: SOLD

Goblin Cleaver: SOLD

Draught of Ogre Strength: SOLD

Sentient Crystal: SOLD

Giant's Axe: SOLD

Cyclopean Half Helm: SOLD

Platinum Chalice: SOLD

Assassin's Cowl: SOLD

Arrows: SOLD

Berserker's Shoes: SOLD

Jeweled Scarab: SOLD

Everburning Torch: SOLD

Bomb: SOLD

Ancient Tome: SOLD

Bag of Seeds: SOLD

Chitinous Cuirass: SOLD

Cursed Ring: SOLD

Thunder-Lizard Skull: SOLD

Gloves of the Master Thief: SOLD

Climber's Kit: SOLD

Albatross Bow: SOLD

Spiked Gauntlets: SOLD

Sneakers: SOLD

Sealed Scroll: SOLD

Sahauagin Totem: SOLD

All drawings are done in sumi-e ink and pencil. The originals are all 4.5x6" and don't have the text, which was added digitally for the book.

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  1. Hi! These are awesome. When will you be shipping out the ones that were purchased online? Thanks for any info!