Mar 16, 2012


This is my finished piece for the Pokemon Battle Royale show held next month at the Light Gray Art Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota. Alakazam is some kind of psychic jackal, I think? 

There will be a few prints of this dude available at the show if anyone is planning on attending. From what I've seen, it's going to be a great show.

I drew this a few weeks before Moebius died, and it kinda ended up as a weird tribute to him. Kali bought me "40 Days Dans La Desert" a year or so ago and it's been one of my favorite books ever since.


  1. This piece is really wonderful! I'm in love with your work, so thank you for feeding my eyes so well ^^

  2. It's Homer's spirit guide. This is great.

  3. This is really beautiful!
    Such a nice pokemon rendition, love this version of Alakazam :)!

  4. LOVE THISSSS! please tell me this is going to be rereleased, I missed out on the exhibition :((((

  5. Wirry kuul,, doood. Excelsior. Inspiring. I'm going to draw a Mewtwo in meditation.