Aug 9, 2011

Lady Macbeth and the Lichking's Bride

A little while ago Kate Craig commissioned me to do a little piece for Emily Carroll's birthday, requesting only that Lady Macbeth be involved. Kate and Emily are so awesome. This is what came about.
This was the sketch for project that I have to keep under my hat for the next couple of months. I threw this one out and did another that's pretty related and is also better. Both this and the Lady Macbeth piece were posted on Twitter at some point over the last few weeks. Just one of the perks of following yours truly.

It's been awhile since I read Macbeth, but I was still able to count off the different people Macbeth killed!

Trying to figure out the other project:

I don't really remember the deal with this set.

I have a few other Game of Thrones portraits in the works, I'm working on a huge piece right now that should be up by the end of the month.


  1. Lovin' the Lich King's crab emblem.

  2. Wow, I wish someone would get me something that cool for my birthday!

  3. The final image turned out great! Nice terrorbird, too. Every sketchbook page should have at least one of those.

  4. Really great stuff. I really like the sketch, it makes me want to find out more.

  5. I searched for "Sam Bosma" in the dictionary today, here is what it said:

    Sam Bosma (pronounced "Awe-Some-Saus")


  6. Oooo, I love that Lich King sketch. All the gnarly, tangled bones at the bottom...

  7. Great updates Sam :) I really enjoy your process.

  8. I just started Intro to Illustration and we're doing a project where we've started doing some really similar things with the thumbnails and character development sketches! It's super cool seeing your process and sketchbook pages- thank you for sharing that. :)