May 29, 2009

Versus Exhibit // Bog Man

Quick post here guys, I'm supposed to be working!

Bog Man, pencil, powdered graphite, digital.

This was something that I did for a local gallery show put together by Sean Andrew Murray of Big Huge Games fame. The concept was simply "Vs." I went through several more action-packed pieces, some of which came awfully close to final drawings, but in the end I wanted to do something more simple and, in the end, it turned out as well as I could have hoped.

I've been thinking about Ireland recently, and I'm thinking of getting a little thing of peat moss to tend. Those little flowers are really pretty. They find all sorts of bodies in peat bogs, you know.

I also wanted to go back to a muted color scheme having just done all of those really vibrant book pieces (previous post). I'm much more comfortable with colors like this, but I love both.

I'm really trying to get some new work done in this method to unify my portfolio. Expect updates!

If you're in Baltimore or around it at all, you should come to the opening of the Versus show. Lots of great people have done great work for it, including a lot of my drinking buddies). It opens next Friday at the Windup Space (12 North Ave.). It's going to be sweet. You'll get to see this piece at its tremendous native size (27.75" x 19.75").

Thanks for all those great comments on the last post! Keep 'em coming!


  1. i love the way you have been working man. the only thing that bugs me is the color of the sword grip maybe a diff color but thats your call haha. oh an the twitter link wasn't a direct link just to let you know .

  2. I can totally dig on what Bonhomme is saying about that sword grip, but overall this is gorgeous! Wonderful color scheme.

    Wish I was in Baltimore.

  3. i feel like this is the best piece you've ever done

  4. Awesome man. definitely one of my recent favorites of yours

  5. Great piece I definitely like the composition as well as your color selection. Each object is well placed ( the crows especially) and the decrepit guy is crazy.

  6. This is sick man! I really dig it!

  7. great stuff, love the simplicity

    good work

    -trey b

  8. Very strong illustration. I hope I can see the show before it comes down.